Dream Meaning of Fainting

Fainting in the dream suggests that you will feel unhappy because of some problems. If you feel happy in your dream, then it represents that you will get good news which makes you cheerful. The dream interpretation of fainting is also a sign of well being and good health. However, as to some dream interpreters, the dream symbolizes health problems and unhappiness. They also comment that you don’t care about yourself in real life.

To dream that you don’t feel yourself good and you are on the brink of fainting represents that you are a hard working person and will get the worth of your effort.

The dream may symbolize your desire to change your life. You are being criticized in your daily life and you don’t feel good about those criticisms. You attempt to stop those negative comments and try to change your life. Alternatively, it illustrates that your family will always support you, you will live in welfare. Maybe you will fall in love in the following days.

If you see that someone is fainting in your dream, it represents that you will be short of money in the following days and you will have to get a loan from a bank or a financial institution.

The dream of fainting and recovering

To dream that you are recovering after fainting illustrates that you will get rid of your problems and relax. You will deal with your problems and then you will leave all the difficulties behind you.

Alternatively, the dream shows that something will happen unexpectedly and you will have an adventurous life. You may experience both good and bad situations. In addition, the dream refers to your financial position.

Pretending to faint in your dream

To pretend you fainted in your dream suggests that you want to seem desperate and aggrieved. If you are a rich person and you have everything you want, the dream may symbolize that you don’t want to help or support others financially. You don’t want people around you to ask you some money and pretend to be short of money. If you think that your friends don’t like you, the dream shows that you act to pay attention when they are around you.

Having a heart attack in your dream

The dream meaning of having a heart attack suggests that you have some problems and you feel desperate. In addition, the dream refers to hard times.

The dream interpretation of getting sick

Getting sick in your dream has the opposite meaning. You will recover if you are ill in your real life. You will be stronger and healthier. Alternatively, the dream may symbolize that your faith in God will weaken day by day.

The psychological interpretation of fainting

The dream usually points out the desire for paying attention. You want to be considered important and you sometimes tell lies to put yourself forward. Your behaviors may bother others.

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