Dream Meaning of Face

The dream interpretation of a face symbolizes well-being, happiness, and peace. It suggests that you have a comfortable life, you are not short of money and there is harmony among your family members. To dream face may be interpreted in various ways. The interpretation depends on the shape, posture, conditions, and color of the face.

To dream of a red face indicates that you will leave your fears, debts, financial problems or family problems behind in a short time. You will have quiet and peaceful days which you have missed a lot.

To dream that your face is being peeled symbolizes bad luck. You will face some difficulties, you will have to struggle against these problems and you will get bored.

To see that you are admiring your face in your dream symbolizes your self-confidence and strength. To touch your face indicates that you are trying to understand what is happening around you. Alternatively, it may be interpreted as hiding or escaping from the problems instead of struggling against them.

Blemished face in the dream

To see a blemished face in your dream symbolizes a wrong character. If it is your own face, that means you are trying to hide from something and you don’t want to be seen around. If the blemished face is someone else’s, then the dream suggests that that person is trying to hide. He or she don’t want to meet you face to face. Having two faces in the dream has a similar interpretation. It represents a two-faced personality.

Washing your face in the dream

To see that you are washing your face in your dream indicates that you will make new friends, you will spend money on utilities and useful things. If you are ill, the dream means that you will recover in a short time. If you are far away from your family, friends or home, it implies that you will come together with them.

Alternatively, washing your face illustrates that you want to express your self in a true way and have good communication with others.

The dream interpretation of a human face

The dream with a human face usually represents getting good news. In the following days, you will feel very excited thanks to this news. They may be related to new relationships, your family or business. They all will make you happy.

The dream meaning of long face

To see a long face in your dream suggests that you will witness someone’s wrong behavior or mistake and this will affect you very much and also disturb you. You will feel uncomfortable because of what you see.

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