Dream Meaning of Embracing

Dreaming of embracing someone reflect to accept something or someone with love and your desire to connect or feel connected. It may also represent your life-long passion for something. A lot of joy. Perhaps a reflection of your creativity, interest in romance, or passion for the spirit. Devotion. Profound regard for a new opportunity.

The dreamer may find it incredibly reassuring to dream of encountering an embrace or seeing an embrace made by others. This is a great time for those who have sadly died to come into the dreamer’s imagining mind to hold them one more time or to give them the message that they’re all right and to express the feeling of love and happiness.

It suggests that it will be important to acknowledge that there could be underlying problems in a relationship and therefore it is time to face what exactly is happening. Even if that means you need to talk to a therapist, you should do so. A lack of embrace or a stiff or rigid embrace is indicative of the unhealthiness that others must observe. This can also reflect depression as well as fear of loss when you embrace your family members in your dream.

Embracing your partner

If you embrace your partner even if problems are definitely present you are showing your ability to work through issues. If you decided to embrace the opponent, you are demonstrating that you are ready to deal with your issues by tackling them head-on.

If you found yourself embracing your cat or an animal, this is showing you were a person of compassion.

If you embraced a relative who recently passed away in your dream which on permitting closure space.

Lovers who embrace each other means to either talk about disagreement for healing or to start something new.

It occurs when the subconscious self tries to remove something that has happened in the relationship, which causes the relationship discomfort or even anger. Now is the time for this situation to heal.

Embracing a Family Member in a dream

If there is a specific family member in the dream that you know is not doing too well physically in the waking life, now might be the time to connect with them. This way, you can share your best wishes if they choose to pass away early.

This kind of dream always comes to the dreamer’s mind when they’re close to death. In order to hug them one last time before they can go just to ensure they’ve been able to do anything as part of their ‘ unresolved issues. ‘

To understand the concept of these kinds of dreams, it can help us better understand who we are hugged held in close proximity, or embraced, and what they mean to us in waking life. 

We might wonder if this image represents the mum within us, the wise elderly person, the powerful courageous leader, etc.

So dreaming of embracing this individual can be a significant sign of incorporating a new element into our personalities, discovering a new way of doing things, learning a different set of skills, maturing and preparing to play a new role in life.  For instance, if we dream of embracing our mentor, it can be a sign that we can actually embrace not only our teacher’s lessons but also our obligation.

Embracing your enemy in a dream 

To dream of embracing an enemy, or a person we haven’t appreciated can be a sign that we start accepting ourselves for who we really are, and accepting ourselves for the actions or feelings we haven’t really liked in ourselves.  It can be a powerful symbol of trying to make peace with ourselves to dream of embracing an enemy. When we look at what this “enemy” means to us, we may start to understand what is actually bothering us inside. Then we can start to solve our problems by embracing them just like we did in the dream.

Another thing that the action of embracing a  dream will teach us is lessons that we were not willing to learn from the person we dreamed of when we first met them.  This can be indicative of a wisdom sharing and enlightenment that you will inherit from the person you embrace. But the important thing is timing. You will receive the things you need through this hug, but when you are ready to have it.

We should also look at the emotions that we get from an embracing in a dream. Is it peace, forgiveness, love, connection, intimacy, acceptance, tranquility, wisdom, fulfillment, joy, nurturing, protection, etc.? 

Only you will know what this particular “keeping tight” dream entails, but often it can be a closing a relationship, saying goodbye to someone we never had the opportunity to. It can be also saying thanks to someone we wish we had loved more, or remembering how important someone was to us.

Such an experience will move deeply. But most of all, embrace dreams remind us that we need to change something inside of us to learn a lesson and that the largest growth comes from learning to understand and embracing who we really are. 

Embracing and Kissing

In the dream, hugging a family member such as mother, father, sister, sister, kissing, it means, on the contrary, doing something that one of them does not approve of. Such as entering a job that is not approved or experiencing unpleasantness.

Hugging a loved friend in a dream and kissing means that the dream owner will be apart from that friend for a long time in the near future. 

Embracing Old Lover

In the dream,  willingly hugging old sweetheart means that that person is leaving deep traces within you. You could not get it over and you are still thinking about your past relationship.

In the dream, to embrace the old lover unwillingly or with the force of others, means having to take an obligatory optimistic attitude for a situation. Thus, it is indicative of suppressing the true feelings and thoughts against the other person.

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