Dream Meaning of Embankment

Dreaming of embankments tends to signify unhappy circumstances on their way because one couldn’t really allow oneself to confront all the negativity around them and instead get bombarded in such a manner that the dreamer gets lost to all that sorrows.

Of course, this could be fixed by knowing that this dream alerts you to start managing all the passive-aggressive things before getting out of control, but this dream often comes a bit too late for some. If this applies to you, start looking at what parts of your lifestyle can bring you happiness and what you think will make you feel considerably unhappy. 

Being on the embankment in a dream

If you dream of being close or on an embankment or just seeing a kind of embankment in your dream this is telling you that you have a long time of somewhat daunting and exhausting moments of discontent ahead of you as a result of continually placing yourself in frustrating and unsatisfying circumstances.

Embankment near the sea or ocean

An embankment can be found in the sand next to the ocean or more commonly next to a river or stream. Often it is the places around the water that cause the ground to be mushy and sink. So if you catch yourself dreaming they will get trapped or even fall into an embankment this is symbolic of feeling as though their life is out of their control and they are practically drowning.

Except that it’s worse than drowning because, at least in drowning, you fall into the water the process starts, fighting and so on. But in a slow sink like that which would happen at an embankment, this would cause many people long discomfort that might have been prevented.

The see the embankment in a dream, which means to be faced with a very big obstacle. It is interpreted that the person will encounter difficulties in business life. You will want to prevent the success of your enemies who are cunning, manipulative and working against you. 

It is also said that there will be no possible way to reach your target or realize your wishes. Hence you should better get going on your way and try to focus on new things. It also symbolizes people who look good and kind from outside but actually, they are fraudsters. It is also a sign of the existence of a woman who lied about her past and performed various tricks to marry the person. To see an embankment in a dream is refers to the enlightenment that you discover that you were wrong about loved ones and you will experience great disappointment.

Building an Embankment in a dream

It is interpreted that the dreamer who is psychologically down to earth and refuses to get help from others. This will lead to an increasingly lonely life. It may also reflect in business life too. Your workplace would close the business, you may not work for a long time and will fall into difficult situations after spending the money in your hand. People who set embankment in a dream, they experience great disappointments because of their close circle friends and family, and they will have a great distance between them.

Breaking Embankment Down in Dream

If one sees that he or she is breaking the embankment by himself, the person will overcome all the obstacles and achieve the success and albeit with power. A dream which was prayed for and desired for long will be realized soon. You will be surrounded by joy. The dream is interpreted as to make a good marriage, to have a child at a young age, to open up your own business and to defeat the enemies.

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