Dream Meaning of Election

The dream interpretation of being elected suggests that you generally want other people’s approval in your real life. You usually have the approval of others when you make a decision but the dream represents that you also desire to have your own approval.   

If you are a candidate in an election, then the dream represents that you are a respected person. In your business or social life, people respect and trust you. They believe that you make the right decisions. To be elected in an election may also show that you will take part in some political or social organizations.   

To be elected in your dream also indicates that you will overcome your problems and have a more comfortable life. You will be successful in your business life and you earn more money. The dream meaning of not being elected in an election implies that you will get bad habits. You will hurt your friends or family members with your talks in the following days.

Voting in an election

To see elections in your dream represents that you are at a crossroads and you have to make a very important decision. Your decision will take your life to very different points. To make a wrong decision may cause many problems in your life, so you are anxious at this stage. If you make the right decision, your life will become better. The decision may be related to your work, private life or academic studies. Alternatively, voting for someone in your dream indicates that your life will change soon.  

The dream of voting also shows that your family members and friends will support you when you need help. Thanks to their help and support, you will get rid of your problems. If you have some financial problems, the dream means that these problems will come to an end.

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