Dream Meaning of Elderberries

The dream meaning of elderberries signifies positive omens. Elderberries in your dream suggest positive changes in your life. These positive changes may be related to your health, your business or your social life. If you are ill, to dream elderberries implies your recovery in a short while. The dream implies that you will get well. If there are some problems in your business life, elderberries in your dream represent that you will overcome these problems.  You will be successful in the workplace. If you want to be promoted, the dream shows that it is time to be promoted. The dream of elderberries also represents harmonious relationships in your social life. You may fall in love or make good friendships.

The dream meaning of bush of an elderberry

Elderberries usually represent good luck and positive occurrences. They are used in rituals in many religions. So, to see elderberries in the dream is interpreted positively. The bush of elderberry in the dream is also interpreted as good omens. If you see elderberry is blossoming in your dream, then your dream is a sign of a new relationship or novelty in your social life.

However, the dream meaning of rotten elderberries indicates the opposite side of goodness. While the dream interpretation of blossoming represents good omens, rotten elderberries represent unhappiness. To see rotten elderberries in your dream may represent some problems in your family life or your relationship. You may break up with your spouse.  

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