Dream Meaning of Eating Cherry

Eating cherry in dream suggests that you will have a comfortable living. You will get good news in a short while. If you are eating a delicious cherry, then it means that you will experience good events. On the contrary, if you are eating an unripe cherry, the dream represents that you will feel unhappy because of bad news. Besides, to see yellow cherry indicates that you will catch an illness suddenly and the treatment will last for a long time. The dream meaning of red cherry may signify that you will need more time to obtain something which you want to have. So, it may be a sign of need for patience.

The dream interpretation of picking cherry

To dream about picking cherry implies that you will apply to a new job and change your workplace and this alternation will make you move to another city. Picking cherry usually refers to a higher position at work, getting promotion, good opportunities and gaining reputation. If the dreamer is single, then to dream with picking cherry means he or she will meet with a nice person and have a good relationship with that person. The dreamer will step towards a wealthy life thanks to that person.

Making cherry jam

To see that you are making cherry jam in your dream depicts that you feel like you have to do somebody a favor because you are grateful for his or her kindness. You feel like you are in debt to him or her and you think it is time to pay your debt. The dream with putting the cherry jam into jars may symbolize that you are a generous and dutiful person. Besides, you will be supported by someone who try to contribute to others’ living.  

The dream meaning of cherry

The dream with cherry tells that you will achieve an important success, seize a chance and get richer. A sour cherry may be a sign of illness. A rotten cherry symbolize a problem which you left behind. This problem will become a current issue again and you will occupy with that issue in the following days.

Psychological interpretation of eating cherry in dream

The dream usually points out people who tend to make mistakes and have no self-control. It may be a sign of a behaviour which shouldn’t be done. The dreamer will regret what he or she has done. Alternatively, eating cherry in dream may symbolize the dreamer’s desire to please from someone.

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