Dream Meaning of Buffalo

Seeing a Buffalo in a dream means good fortune, good reputation. Buffalos are strong animals thus dream interprets a healthy life. Dream also shows being away from problems, reputation, to the desired future, to the future of the property, to happiness.

Dream Interpretation of healthy buffalo

According to other views, it is interpreted as a malicious manager or a boss, getting harmed by a malicious person, an enemy who hides his animosity, and financial hardship. Other views of dream interpreters are as follows; At the end of the difficulties that dreams owner sees,  a collective money that he has finally got. And also the righteousness he witnesses after hearing slanders about himself and the salvation he deserves after despair.

If you had a dream about a buffalo, the interpretation of this can be; fortune, prosperity, power and strength. Buffaloes are strong and majestic animals. That’s why they contain high amounts of meat in their body for the people who hunt them. That means blessing for the hunter.

Dream meaning of killing a buffalo.

Hence buffalos are sacred in native cultures, hurting or killing a buffalo in a dream means making a mistake. And this mistake will result in decrease in income.

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