Dream Meaning of Being Wetted

The dream interpretation of being wetted means your illness or health problems will be treated in a short time and you will get healthier. Besides, it suggests that you will reach you goals about your business or private life. You will have a comfortable life, your financial situation will get better and you will leave hard times behind. Maybe, you will occupy with commerce and will be successful in your business.

If you see that you are being wetted with a rubber hose, the dream represents wealth, welfare, peace and happiness. You will solve your daily problems easily and live in good living conditions. If you are ill, the dream shows that you will get better.

Alternatively, the dream meaning of being wetted indicates that you will have opportunities to meet all your needs. You will earn your living easily, you will have a chance to save money and invest. You will obtain what you deserve in your life.  

If you dream that you are being wetted by someone else, the dream symbolizes that you will be supported by that person. In other words it implies that person will help you succeed. Besides, the dream may illustrate that you will meet people who are good-hearted and generous. You will benefit from these people.  

Wet rice in dream

To dream about wet rice may be a sign of success. You will invest and your investment will be very profitable. You will get profit with a little cost in your commercial affair. To see wet chickpea in dream have a similar meaning. The dream indicates richness and wealth. Your financial situation will get better day by day as a result of your investment. You can repay your debts easily and obtain a financial power. You may have a luxurious living.  To dream with wet grains also refers to welfare.You will have an infinite fortune and better living conditions.


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