Dream Meaning of Bat

Seeing a bat in your dream does not refer good things. It is said that whatever goes on its way is going to be upside down. This person is tired of broken down the order of his family and his work. He fed up with falling into trouble and stress, receiving sad news, a life of financial and spiritual destruction. For those who see the bat in their dreams, for the things that they are trying to accomplish and for what they want to attain, there is going to be a big obstacle, so it is going to be a hard day. But if the one who had this dream perseveres and does not give up, no matter how great this obstacle is, he will still achieve the desired success and victory by reaching his goal. Some dream interpretations refer seeing a bat in your dream as a sign of an incident that makes people shame on you for your whole life. Seeing the light-coloured bat in the dream is the loss that will be experienced in the family of the person who had seen this dream. And on some occasions, it is a sign of doing some bad deeds but feeling regret and giving up these wrongdoings.

Killing A Bat In Your Dream

It is a sign that the person has gone through an ill luck and inappropriateness for a long time. But now he is relieving himself from these burdens and his life is tidied up.

Catching A Bat In Your Dream

It indicates that the dreamer finds the source of his problems and starts to solve them, and on this issue, he also gets rid of problems and troubles and calms his mind.

Being Attacked By Bats In Your Dream

Many misfortunes and bad luck may find you after you have seen this dream. It is interpreted as a sign of deterioration of your health and job.

Seeing A Bat Swarm In Your Dream

It is explained as contradiction and collision of ideas. The swarms of bats mean that the dreamer will have more contradiction.

Seeing A Dead Bat In Your Dream

Seeing a dead bat in a dream indicates that the enemies and the malicious ones who will try to direct you will be broken apart and they will get what they have deserved.

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