Dream Meaning of Angel

It is good to see any of the angels or to see the angel descend in the dream means that is good and blessing of being saved from sadness and grief.

To see flying with an angel means seeing happiness in the world and thereafter, and to see the angel in human form and in clean clothes indicates that joy and surprise, charity and blessing.

Seeing the angelic woman in the dream indicates, sadness and grief, damage and enchantment. If this is a dream of a man, it would be a sign of in the sight of the woman the man is not the one who is liked because of missing and defective things. He should pretty himself up.

To see that you are an angel in the dream means that you are cursed with self-righteousness, glory and dignity.

The angels salute someone and show likes and dislikes.

Watching the angels in the dream or serving something to them, anyone will make good amendments to rise to the level of glory. If the angels has landed, if the ones who see that dream are in violence and distress, these are signs of their salvation. To see the angels indicates richness or martyrdom.

It is interpreted that you will get good news. If the angel comes toward you, it means you have to change your lifestyle. Talking to angels in the dream or taking something from them points to whoever is going to be a martyr. Seeing that the angels descend one time is interpreted as if the person who saw them is in trouble and under violence.

If one sees that the angels in the dream come to a place where the people are at war, they will be victorious.

The angels, descent on the house and the dam is a sign of illness. Sometimes the descent of the elders of the angels is a sign of government officials.

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