Dream Meaning of Nakedness

Dream Meaning of Nakedness

To dream that you are naked denotes pureness, good intention and positive behavior.

To dream that although you are naked, your some organs aren't seen implies that you will tell the truths although it conflicts with your interest. Because of this, you will enshrine people's memory.  

To see yourself as naked in bathroom or toilet in your dream indicates that a secret that you are afraid of being revealed will continue to be protected.  

To see yourself as naked in street, school, office in your dream implies that your unusual decision won't draw reaction, as you are afraid of. On the contrary, many people will support it.

To see that you behave normal in front of people although you are naked and nobody finds strange this issue may represent that although you made a mistake, nobody will take care of it and people who know you won't see deliberate intent for this fault.

To see yourself as naked in mosque in your dream implies that your prayers will be accepted. To see people who are naked in this place symbolizes that there are people who pray for you and try to facilitate your jobs.

To run as naked in your dream may represent that in spite of difficulties, you will go on your way and people who see your determination will appreciate you.

To dream that someone else is naked signifies that you have a rival who tries to do business without lie and cheat and uses methods, which are similar with your methods. 

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