Dream Meaning of Eyeglasses

Dream Meaning of Eyeglasses

To see eyeglasses in your dream means that you will earn money thanks to your opinions, orientate people, as you want. Alternatively, this dream is telling you that you will make something done the things, which you want. Besides, you will meet a person who even risks his/her life for yourself.

To see a broken eyeglasses or you break eyeglasses in your dream means that you will disagree with a person whom you love.

To dream that you are wearing eyeglasses may represent that you deliver judgments instead of others, orientate people, don’t avoid to race the people for your own self interest.

To see that the frame of an eyeglasses is made from golden, silver or any other valuable metal in your dream denotes that you will invent, write a book, create an art of work.

To dream that you lose eyeglasses, then look for eyeglasses means that you will miss an important invitation, or you will form a bad impression about yourself by being late for an appointment.

To see of buying and selling eyeglasses in your dream indicates that a commodity which you bought enviably won’t be as you want, you won’t provide benefit from an education which you paid for.

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