Dream Meaning of Mummy

Dream Meaning of Mummy

To see mummy in a dream may represent that you will hide secrets, gain information about an issue which has to remain as a secret and you won’t explain this. Also, it refers to a quiet person who doesn’t speak too much.

To become a mummy or you are embalmed in your dream indicates that people will rumor about you, you will be excluded because you cause dissatisfaction.

To dream that you embalm or make a mummy symbolizes an ill-intentioned person who dishes on someone in order to suppress his/her guilt or a person who lies easily in line with his/her interest.

To see a mummy house in your dream represents that there will be a worrying issue recently, you will be left alone or by confronting your own fear, you won’t get over.

To see a mummy museum in a dream symbolizes that you will meet with your old partner, come together with spouse who is abandoned or old friends.

To fight with a mummy or kill it in your dream implies that you will have a discussion with your mother or father, act waywardly by not listening your elders.

To burn a mummy or see a burning mummy in your dream denotes funny times which you have during holiday, throwing bad opinions in mind or resting mind.

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