Dream Meaning of Mouth

Dream Meaning of Mouth

To see mouth in a dream refers to life, death, abundance, dangerous things. To see mouth in your dream signifies a newborn or a good maternity of a pregnant. To see a beautiful mouth in your dream implies that good events will happen.

To dream a bee bites your mouth signifies perservion.

To see that you mouth is very big in your dream signifies that you will have troubles. If you see that you have a small mouth in your dream, it denotes that you will have problems about the subjects which you mention about.

To see of taking sweet things into your mouth in your dream indicates that the doors of abundance will be opened. If you see that your mouth hangs down in your dream, it implies that you will have bad news.

To dream that your mouth has scar may represent that one of your works related to government office won’t go well.

To see your mouth as beautiful in your dream signifies that good news will come. To dream that you have an ugly and surly mouth denotes that you don’t do good works.

To see that you don’t open your mouth and you aren’t able to talk in your dream suggests that you should be quiet for some issues.

To see that your mouth is always open in your dream implies that you should stay calm for serious issues.

To see of slobbering in your dream indicates that you will hear a good and snap decision about one of your friends.

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