Dream Meaning of Menstruation of a Woman

Dream Meaning of Menstruation of a Woman

It is told that this dream indicates trouble, hardship and distress. Your morality and faith in religion will weaken, you leave your good temper, you will do deficient, inaccurate and imperfect things in life. Thus, you fall from grace and remain in the background. This dream is an indicator of unlawful attempts, adultry and sedition.

Dream Meaning of Feeling in Menstrution

It shows that you have misfortune and you try to earn money easily and make a profit, but there will be a backlash and you will not only make a loss but also be a sinner.

Dream Meaning of Menstrution

This dream means that you will be defeated by desire and you will yield to temptation by straying away the right way. You will not hesitate to fall into sin and you will afford advantage.

Dream Meaning of Getting Period

This is the same thing with menstrution. It indicates that you do fraudulent things and  try to gain advantage.

Dream Meaning of Menstrual Flow

This dream shows that you fall into error, besmirch your reputation and you will be accused of shameful acts. 

Dream Meaning of Menstruating

Seeing this dream means that you have trouble because of your mistakes, there is a perturbation in your life and you can’t acquire merit. It is also an indicator of your abondonment of faith.

Dream Meaning of Being on Period

This dream symbolizes an unfaithful person. If a man sees his wife’s menstruation, it shows hardship and trouble. But if his wife is a well-behaved person, the meaning of the dream changes and it means faith. Seeing this dream refers to straying away the right way and tendency of sin and dishonesty. It also refers to health problems. If someone healthy sees this dream, it means this person will be ill. But if a pregnant woman sees this dream, it means she will give birth to a baby boy.

Dream Meaning of Menstruation of a Woman

This dream is a favorable one for a woman. It indicates recovering and having children.

Dream Meaning of Menstruation of a Man

For a man, this dream shows that he commits adultery by straying away the right way. It is an indicator of an illegal relationship.

Dream Meaning of Menstrual Blood

This dream does not have a good meaning, it indicates dishonesty, retiring from religion and commiting sin.

Dream Meaning of Stomachache

It means that you spend money for illegal works and make a big loss which leads to a big sadness.

Dream Meaning of Blood

This dream does not have a good meaning. It means sadness, trouble and difficulty for individual and it means big disasters for the society.

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