Dream Meaning of Ink

Dream Meaning of Ink

To see ink in your dream may represent a person who has the gift of the gab and persuasive ability or you will close to the person who can apply for cheating.

To see a pen in your dream indicates that you won't return from your steps which you have taken in the past. It also refers to final judgment and the announcement of anything.

To see ink blot in your dream symbolizes that you will focus the attention, see the thing which can't be noticed or have foresight.

To see ink fish in your dream signifies high gain, chance and fortune.

To see of buying ink in your dream denotes a permanent job, long term trade life or the beginning of employe status.

To see of selling ink in your dream suggests that you will struggle and be victorious at the end, gain a victory and celebrate it.

To pour ink in your dream signifies that you will break heart, upset someone unwillingly.

To dream that ink robs off onto your hands means that you will study, be educated and finish your school.

To see that ink is poured on you in your dream may imply that you will be slandered, fake rumor about you will occur, bad statements related to you will spread among bad people.

To put ink into your mouth in your dream suggests that you will buy the book which you want to have, meet with science man or author whom you admire.

To see of drinking or swallowing ink in your dream may represent that you will lose your faith to yourself, be lazy and exclude yourself from the social life.

The flow of ink in your dream refers to a person who works at home like nurse maid, servant maid or gardener. Also, it means that you will find this person who does these works or hire an assistant for your home.

To see black ink in your dream forewarns you that you will spend money wrongly, your account will go wrong or consume unconsciously.

To see blue ink in your dream signifies that you will be in need of your relative whom you don't often meet. You will call him/her and want his/her help.

To see red ink in your dream represents that you will take letter, calling paper, compass or telegram, then you will act, start working and the production will be restarted.

To see inkwell in your dream symbolizes scrooge mcduck, savingness and parsimony.

To see ink bottle in your dream may represent that you will sweep the fault under the carpet, overlook it, support it or be proponent.

To vomit ink in your dream means that you will be confined in the sea, you won't communicate to somebody or you will lose memory.

To see inkpad in your dream indicates that you will form basis for your education, take scholarship, try to study by using credit.

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  1. I dreamt of drawing a headset mouth piece.. Suddenly i was shock seeing that its a man’s face in which i draw it

  2. what if someone was offering ink? The person was asking if anyone needed ink? And I said that I didn’t at first and went to my printer to double check and woke up.

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