Dream Meaning of Light

Dream Meaning of Light

To see light in your dream brings luck.

To see light which relieves you in your dream means that unfavourable issues will get back on the rails. If you see light which darkens you in your dream, this dream denotes that your jobs won't go well.

To see light inside the house in your dream may symbolize good excitements in your relationships.

To dream that the light acts from a place to a place means that new people will confront you.

To see of standing over the light in your dream refers to achievements in your business life.

To see the light over the head of another person in your dream may indicate that a person will help you about your bad issue.

To dream that the lights are on spontaneously refers to positive incidents about your child. In the same way, if the lights go out spontaneously, this dream signifies small discussions within your family.

To see that although you try to put the lights on in your room or anywhere, the lights aren't on in your dream refers to special and happy times with your spouse.

To dream that the lights are on suddenly while you go to sleep may represent that people who will be in your life are important for you.

To dream that street lamps are on one after another while you are walking at night may be interpreted that happiness will occur gradually. If these street lamps go out in series in your dream, this dream means that you should spare the time for yourself.

To see that the lights go out suddenly when you are in the streets in your dream may suggest that there is a person who wants to talk to you.

To see light in the sky in your dream may represent that you will do good jobs and be successful in your business life.

To see that the lights in the sky are acting in your dream may signify that you will fulfill your targets about your job or school. 


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