Dream Meaning of Leopard

Dream Meaning of Leopard

To see a leopard in your dream suggests that you have powerful competitors in your professional and business life, you are struggling in a challenging trade environment and you need to work hard. To dream of a leopard means that you are trying to compete with very experienced and professional people like you.

Leopard pattern

Dreaming of a leopard pattern is also a sign of excessive competition. It indicates that the dreamer is in competition with rivals who have money and strong belief, like difficulties and devote their lives to squere the circle.

Killing a leopard

Killing a leopard in a dream implies that you will defeat rivals, overcome your difficulties and overtake your opponents. Alternatively, it refers achievement and overcoming any obstacles and rivals who you have met.  


Dreaming of a lion denotes that the dreamer will obtain high authority in the future, be a respected and adored person who everyone refrains from. It implies that the dreamer will have the power and privilege to get what he desires thanks to the advantages of his wide social environment and influencial manner.  


The tiger in the dream is interpreted as the presence of a sharp-tongued and fearless person who tells his thoughts and purpose without any hesitation and that you cannot get clear whether he is a friend or a rival. It also highlights a person who does everything ignorantly that he puts in mind.  

Killing the Tiger

To kill a tiger in the dream may represent that the dreamer will cheat, abandon the kindness manner and the way of right, have an itching palm, and will not hesitate to commit any sin to gain more money. Alternatively, if you killed a tiger in your dream, it may symbolize your getting control on your life and overcoming the problems.


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