Dream Meaning of Killing

Dream Meaning of Killing

To kill someone in your dream refers to a new update, change of life style, a different job. If you feel fear and upset after you kill someone in your dream, it indicates that you will be worried about a new job but you will be successful at the end of this job. If you don't regret because of killing someone, you will have unexpected losses because of not taking the risks into account.

To kill a woman in your dream represents self denial. If you kill a man, you won't be defeated by material weakness. If you kill a small child in your dream, this dream is telling you that you will deceive a person and gain profit thanks to this person.

To dream that you kill a baby may represent that your family's expectancies toward you won't occur but you will make yourself forgiven with another behavior.

To see that you are trying to kill someone but you fail in your dream means that you will get the intention of a person who thinks bad about you but you won't do anything to him/her.

To see of killing an animal in your dream may represent that you will save from a harm as the size of animal you killed. If the animal has death throes and this is difficult and lasts long, this shows the difficulty to save from harm.

To see that a person tries to kill you in your dream means that your weak enemy thinks about you bad but because you won't give harm to you, s/he will feel uneasy. If s/he succeeds to kill you in your dream, this ill-intentioned person gives up to take on you. If you see that a person kills another person in your dream, this dream tells you that an obstacle will be disappeared by your enemy.

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