Dream Meaning of Flute

Dream Meaning of Flute

To see a flute in a dream symbolizes making peace, the end of bad things, the peace result of a conflict. Alternatively, this dream refers to a person whose statements are true and who is a guide, a good intentioned person who will save you from a dilemma.

To play the flute in your dream indicates that you will take a good offer or obtain a concession. If you see a person who is playing the flute, it means that you will mediate between two people.

To see a dirty or broken flute in your dream may represent that you will discourage a person who continues his/her bad games towards your good intention from his/her temper severely.

The voice of a flute in a dream refers to peace. If you hear the voice close to you, it means that you will make a peace decision with your own self, give up your asset. The voice coming from the distant place in your dream implies that another person will cover your loss and you will give up your claim.

To see of buying and selling a flute in a dream may represent that you throw a job background out of focus constantly, you should examine an offer which you heard in detail. 

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