Dream Meaning of Eating Lemon

Dream Meaning of Eating Lemon

The dream interpretation of eating lemons implies some complicated matters and disorders in your business life and problems to be encountered. Usually, dreaming with lemons is a bad symbol due to their yellow color and taste because the dream meaning of yellow color represents unpleasantness and some health problems. For his reason, to dream that you are eating lemon may suggest that you will get ill in a short time or will have a serious accident which you will arise from the dead.    

Dreaming with lemon

To see lemon in your dream indicates that you will get sick. Alternatively, dreaming with lemon is interpreted as disgrace. You may be looked down on due to your attitudes and you may fall into disrepute in your social environment.

Dreaming about green lemon is also a sign of negativities. Green lemon in your dream symbolizes unhappiness, sadness and some troubles.

Dreaming with lemons sometimes suggests struggling to earn your living, financial hardship or debating with a relative.

Dreaming with lemon tree

To dream of lemon tree is a sign of a person who is extremely grumpy and hated by everyone. This evil-minded person is harming other people and cheating them. Alternatively, if you see a completely green lemon tree in your dream, it represents that you will overcome your problems, freshen up and feel relieved.

To dream of lemon which tastes sweet

Dreaming about lemon that tastes sweet is interpreted as a good symbol. The dream denotes that you will do good work and receive profit from your experiences. Besides, the sweet tasty lemon may symbolize a trustable and sociable person.  

Dream interpretation of lemon juice

To see lemon juice in your dream illustrates that you will make some shameful mistakes and be embarrassed because of your behaviours in your social circle. Alternatively, the dream may symbolize your uneffective efforts in your business life or your ill-gotten gains.

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