Dream Meaning of Fishing Rod

Dream Meaning of Fishing Rod

To see a fishing rod in a dream refers to prefer, the multitude of choices and abundance.

To dream that you are holding a fishing rod in your hand may represent that you will choose the appropriate one from many good opportunities. If you are single, it refers to a spouse. If you are married, it signifies job, it also indicates that there will be many school choices for the children and the choice which will be done will be the most appropriate one.

To see that you catch a fish with a fishing rod in your dream implies that you will be sure about your choice and be happy. If you catch a big fish with a fishing rod, you will earn big money from a job which you didn’t pay attention too much. If you have difficulty to catching this big fish, the amount of money will be too much.

To see that the fishing line breaks out or it doesn’t work while you are catching a fish in your dream suggests that you won’t use an opportunity which will confront you.

To see a broken or rotten fishing line in your dream denotes that you were far away from your social environment and your friends missed you.

To see of preparing a fishing line and setting out the bait to the fishing line in your dream indicates that you will have a business trip and catch opportunities regarding your job.

To see of buying a fishing line in your dream suggests that you will buy a valuable commodity or property such as house, field, car and there will be expenses which you will make related to this.

To dream that you sell a fishing line to another person signifies that you will sell a property or job which brings regular income. You will make investment to a job or property which has higher yield.

The fishing line in a dream symbolizes time related to your expected money. If the fishing line is complex, time lasts long. If it is smooth, the time will be quick and untroubled.

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