Dream Meaning of Fasting (Religious Fasting)

Dream Meaning of Fasting (Religious Fasting)

To see that you fast in your dream refers to patience, seriousness, endurance and ultimate union. Alternatively, this dream is telling you that you will reach your long term desire in a short range.

To see that you intend to fasting in your dream indicates that you will undertake charity which doesn’t provide benefit financially but makes satisfied you spiritually.

To dream that you break the fast deliberately suggests that you will give up the investment without getting in return for the money you invested. If you break fast undeliberately, you will spend the gain coming from your investment for a sudden need.

To kiss and have a sex as you are fasting in your dream means that if it is done deliberately and fiery, creditor will want his/her assets before the deadline.  If it is done ashamedly, the dream indicates that creditor will put the deadline of the assets forward and s/he will make you relaxed financially.

To see that you don’t fast unexcused and you are ashamed although everyone fasts in your dream signifies that you will refuse the opportunity without realizing it. If you don’t feel uncomfortable although you don’t fast deliberately, you will miss an opportunity but won’t feel regret.

To see of breaking fast at iftar in your dream may indicate that you will get in return for your long term study.

To break the fast with water in your dream signifies that your study which you get in return for will be permanent. If you break the fast with salt, it refers to a temporary result. If you break the fast with persimmon, it symbolizes a conclusion which has no financial gain but satisfies you spiritually.

To postpone the fast in your dream indicates that your fault which you make to your relative will be forgotten in time and you will be sincere with this person like in old times. If you fast the postponed one, a person who has fault towards you will come and apologise from you.

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