Dream Meaning of Bat

Dream Meaning of Bat

To see a bat in your dream suggests that you will find a different solution, evaluate the options, and meet with different people. If you see that a bat flies unevenly in your dream, it represents that you will find a valid excuse to yourself in order to give up a person or habit which you hadn’t abandoned but you hadn’t wanted.

To see a lot of bats, these bats fly as a whole or come together in a place in your dream may symbolize that you will join dangerous and bad environments courageously, change your life style radically.

To see of killing a bat in your dream may indicate that you will break many people’s hearts in order to attract your attention, you will regret because of these behaviours you did later. To see dead bats in your dream suggests a person who shows ingratitude against your favours.

To dream that the bat bites or attacks to you means that if it bites you, it refers to a friend who attracts your attention to an issue you didn’t see. If you see that the bat bites or attacks another person, a mission which is burden for you will be given to another person. 

To see bat nest in your dream may imply that you will get a bad temper. If bat nest is in any place of your home, this bad temper will affect your family negatively.

To see a bat in house or car in your dream indicates that the money which you got from bad ways will disturb you, by regretting from a lie you said, you will confess the truth.

To dream that you are afraid of the bat refers to an accident which you will recover without any harm.

To hold or feed a bat in your dream may symbolize that by catching the deficiency of your enemy, you will maket his person needer for yourself, and your enemy will do something for you.

To see of eating bat in your dream means that you will eliminate, destroy the options which confuse you.

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