Dream Meaning of Emperor

Dream Meaning of Emperor

To see an emperor in your dream refers to strength, energy, solidity and capacity.

To dream that you become an emperor or you are an emperor may represent that you will be able to reach your targets, act modestly after your achievement.

To see an empire in your dream may symbolize that you will join a family whose environment is large. It also refers to a marriage, engagement or business partnership.

To see an emperor crown in your dream may mean that you will shed tears of happiness, be appointed to another place. Besides, a new person will join your family in your family life.

To see an emperor throne in your dream refers to money which will be earnedas a result of gambling, interest profit, inheritance, commercial income.

To see of speaking with an emperor in your dream symbolizes spiritual support from statesmen, dialogues with them, ceremony or a crowded celebration.

To see an emperor horse in your dream means that you will make a vow, your vow will be fulfilled after your wish will be accepted, your expectancy will be good.

To see an emperor sword in your dream may represent that you will have someone's ear, you will be a person whom people respect.

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