Dream Meaning of Documents

Dream Meaning of Documents

Seeing documents in a dream symbolizes mercy, forgiveness and ending up resentment.

Signing documents in a dream indicates that tenseness because of a friend’s saying or his wrong attidute will end up.

Seeing brieafcase in a dream indicates that problems with your relatives will end up in a short time through your speach.Carrying on the briefcase or putting somethings in it symbolizes guest.

Losing documents in a dream indicates that you will apologize from your relative because of your words and there will be no problem any more between you.Losing documents and finding it then indicates that you will share your problems with a close relative.

Having documents on file in a dream indicates that you will set out a journey with your relatives for a short time but relaxing and during this journey you will solve your problems in your mind with the aid of family elders.

Seeing dossier in a dream indicates that your secrets will be revealed during the talking with your family elders and this situation will cause trouble at the least.

Preparing documents in a dream indicates that there will be separations, distancing among friends because of misunderstandings but it will get better in a short time .

Filling out a documents in  a dream incidicates that you will attend a new circle of frinds and your relation with them will be well and issueless right from the start.

Sealing the documents in a dream indicates that you will spend  Money for an organization but it won’t cause problem for you financially.

Engaging in documents in a dream indicates that you will set out a journey on request your close friend’s invitation and you will stay there for a while.


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