Dream Meaning of Elaeagnus (Oleaster)

Dream Meaning of Elaeagnus (Oleaster)

To see elaeagnus in your dream may represent that you will do practices for the purpose of gaining love of God and God’s sake. You will be a slave who achieves self denial and know to be grateful.

To see of eating elaeagnus in your dream indicates that you will be faithful whose belief is stable, you will go to pilgrimage or do jobs which raises your level in eternity life.

To see that you collect elaeagnus in your dream means that you will transfer your love, grace and compassion to persons in need of nursing. You will give presents, make the child happy or be a generous person.

To dream that you feel the smell of elaeagnus or smell elaeagnus may signify that decisions which were made in every issue will be concluded as it was expected, nervous waiting will turn into happiness. Everything will be all right by proceeding in a smooth line.

To see of buying oleaster in your dream suggests that production in the field is abundant, your jobs are profitable, the dining table is fruitful.

To see of selling oleaster in your dream may denote a foreign person who participates in the job later and is unlooked-for. The profit of the sales will be shared.

To see elaeagnus oil in your dream may imply that you will be a commodity, property owner, share the heritage, take a step to have a house.

To see elaeagnus soap in your dream refers to divorce, separation, leaving home.

To see elaeagnus desert in your dream may represent that you are appointed if you are working. If you don’t work, you will change the environment.

To see elaeagnus powder in your dream means that you will go abroad, have a long distance journey.

To see elaeagnus colour in your dream denotes that you will feel family longing, you are separated from your home, country. You will be captured during a war.

To see elaeagnus picture or you take an elaeagnus photo in your dream signifies that you won’t accept your fault which you made, you will be brazen-faced, you don’t endure to being criticized and shut your ears to the rumors.

To see an elaeagnus flower in your dream means that you will fulfill your delayed vow, pay obligatory alms. Dried elaeagnus flower in your dream denotes that good thing which will be done won’t make a perfect sense.

To see elaeagnus branch in your dream suggests that divine retribution will emerge, you will be a slave who is protected by God, your belief is strong.

To see oleaster tree in your dream denotes that evil eye and envious eye will be prevented, you will save from bad sights. You will be a faithful person and bad games about you will destroy. If you see that you plant elaeagnus tree or elaeagnus young tree in your dream, it refers to happiness, joy, relationship and life with full of peace.

To dream that you climb elaeagnus tree may represent that you will have a good career, proceed by making a lot of effort with your professional experiences, enhance your life quality.

To prune oleaster tree in your dream symbolizes that you will make important decisions which are required for your life, enter into a critical period which will constitute a curve. Besides, there will be an issue which will be decided by the whole family.

To dream that you vaccinate elaeagnus tree or vaccinate fruit to elaeagnus tree may indicate that you will support someone and be a man of his word.

To see that you make a wish to the oleaster tree in your dream means that a good job will occur, a marriage will happen or you will take a permanent friendship offer.

To see of cutting oleaster tree in your dream may represent that you will lose trust, underestimate people by forgetting your place in the past, you will be arrogant excessively.


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