Dream Meaning of Beating Father

Dream Meaning of Beating Father

Beating Father means sinfulness and things going wrong, therefore unhappiness both in this life and afterlife. It should be interpreted as a warning for the person that have done a mistake or a bad thing. It alerts the dreamer for being careful, otherwise he might lose everything he has and his life can turn out to be a disaster. It can also imply foreswear to be forgiven, because the dreamer is the very person doing all the wrong things and if not, he will be treated badly in the family.

Dream meaning of killing his/her own father

The person who sees himself killing his father in the dream, usually acts collaboratively with his father. The dream signifies a long and a respectful life for the father; for the dreamer on the other side, it is support and ambitiously hard work.

Dream interpretation hurting father

To hurt father in a dream means disappointment for the family by the child. But this will be temporary and the dad-child relationship will continue in a good manner again.

The psychologic interpretation of beating father

The psychologic interpretation is that the dreamer has some bad feelings or anger towards his father. People who have lost their father usually have this dream.


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