Dream Meaning of Deck Of Cards

Dream Meaning of Deck Of Cards

To see playing cards in your dream symbolizes partnership with a bad person, a person who is known as bad, and a wrong way which isn’t accepted by a society.

To see that you are playing deck of cards in your dream may represent that you will have a bad personality, become with a person who is accused of shameful acts and a marriage with this person. The games which are played with deck of cards refer to a unhappy relationship.

To see deck of cards fortune-telling in your dream means that you will win without working, plagiarism, violate rightful due.

To see ace in your dream may denote a person whose spiritual life is weak and who sets somebody against somebody or will be a mischief-maker.

To see of buying deck of cards in your dream signifies that you will loose money, your income will decrease and your expenses will increase.

To see of selling deck of cards in your dream may denote that you won’t get on very well with your friend whom you like. It also means that you will leave from this person because of being appointed, leave of absence or any kind of reason.

To see the numbers of deck of cards in your dream may imply an innocent person who will stay in a bad condition within plot or an illegal way which you enter into unconsciously.

To see deck in your dream represents advice which is heard or being rebuked which brings happiness.

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