Dream Meaning of Cucumber

Dream Meaning of Cucumber

To see a cucumber in a dream refers to trouble which you will have for order.

To see of eating a cucumber in your dream indicates that by paying your long term debt as soon as possible, you will reach relief with a small effort in a shorter time.

To see a fresh cucumber in a dream signifies debt which will be paid quickly. If you see a soft cucumber in your dream, it refers to debt which will be paid by having trouble.

To see cucumber stones in your dream refers to abundance which will come after the scarcity in a short term.

To collect cucumbers in your dream indicates that you will work for short term jobs in your free times in order to set up a good life to your family.

To see cucumber field or garden in your dream may represent that you will help to your relative in your job and you will set up a business for yourself afterwards by means of your learnings in this job.

To see pickled cucumbers in your dream may suggest that you will close your debt with debts and aids you will find from somewhere. You will see more comfortable days than the past financially.

To dream that you peel cucumber signifies that you will have education about an issue with the support of your family elder and this education will open new opportunities for you.

To see that you grate or chop cucumber in your dream implies that you will feel more relaxed by sharing your troubles with your friends. If you see grated or chopped cucumber in your dream, you will make your relative relaxed by sharing his/her problem.

To add salt on the cucumber or eat salty cucumber in your dream refers to a reward which you will get in return for a service or commodity you bought.

To buy or take cucumber from a person in your dream refers to an assistant who will help you for your house or private issues. If you sell or give cucumber to a person in your dream, it means that you will work as an assistant of a significant executive or public officer. If you see a person who sells cucumber or cucumber is sold in the shop in your dream, it signifies that there will be a fake trader who wants to deceive you and you should be careful to this person.

To see cucumber in the basket in your dream implies that you will have news which save you from troubles. If you throw cucumber into the basket, you will make your life good by not paying attention to a problem which you were preoccupied before.

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  1. I dreamt packing lot and lot of different sizes of cucumber from my table into my bag to take to work… Pls what could that mean

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