Dream Meaning of Cotton

Dream Meaning of Cotton

To see a cotton in a dream refers to money which will be earned easily.

To dream that the cotton is clean may indicate that you will earn more money or have a lot of commodities.

To see a dirty or tough cotton in a dream may symbolize that you will earn money from chance games, gambling or bad ways and spend this money for a bad job.

To clean something with a cotton in your dream denotes that you will spend some amount of money arbitrarily because you are fond of your comfort.

To see a bloody cotton in your dream means that a foreign person will groan the gain of a person from your family.

To see a cotton on its branch in your dream indicates that there is a very short time to fulfill an incident which you want a lot.

To see of collecting cotton in your dream may represent that an issue which you forgot or lost hope about will occur. If a person collects cotton in your dream, you will transfer your job for a short term to your friend because of your travel.

To see cotton field in your dream means that your jobs will grow much more than you dreamed, you will give job to a lot of people thanks to your business which you set up.

To air cottons out or disperse cottons in your dream means that you won’t find your point which you came sufficient. You will start new investments and enter into new social environments.

To fill cottons into pillow in your dream may represent a short term holiday. If you fill cotton into bed, coverlet in your dream, it refers to a long term holiday which you will have without having financial problem.

To dream that you see cotton from a torn pillow, bed or coverlet may indicate that your income or goods is used by another people but you don’t know this.

To see of washing cotton in your dream indicates that your income which you earned by bad ways will not bring goodness to yourself and you get this. You will apply for halal ways and get more income than the past.

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