Dream Meaning of Cliff

Dream Meaning of Cliff

To see a cliff in a dream refers to obstacle, trouble, updates concerning life and job. If you are on the edge of cliff in your dream, this dream tells your life span as much as the high of cliff. 

To fall from the cliff in your dream means that you will confront surprises which will occur suddenly in your life. If you wake up before you reach the ground, you won't get divorced.  

To dream that you scare and feel excited as you fall from the cliff quickly indicates that you will learn important secrets about your relatives. 

To see your relative who is at the edge of cliff in your dream suggests that one of your relatives will catch a disease. If you see a person whom you don't know at the edge of cliff, you will lose an animal or goods you like. 

To see that you fall from the cliff into the sea or water in your dream may represent that you will get rid of troubles by overcoming the difficulties. 

To see that you tumble down the cliff with a car in your dream indicates that you will protect yourself against an attack and you will win.

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