Dream Meaning of Carriage

Dream Meaning of Carriage

To see carriage in a dream refers to a journey whose end is good, turning a boring job into a pleasant one and it also means that you will get along well with a person whom you don't like.

To see carriage with white horses in your dream may represent that you will be successful in a job which you accepted undeliberately, you will leave from a meeting which you went with force by catching good friendships and opportunities.

To see carriage with black or brown horses in your dream indicates that you will leave your private pleasures aside and focus on catching achievements related to your job or education.

To see carriage without horses or whose horses died in your dream may represent that a person who wants to leave you in a difficult situation will disappear in midway but this will bring favourable results for you.

To ride a carriage in your dream symbolizes a travel which you will have with the purpose of finalising an important job, an invitation which you will take from an expected place.

To see of using a carriage in your dream may signify that a friendship which started with conflict and tension will turn into love, a boring job will become joyful immediately.

To see coachman in a dream implies that a person whom you are at odds will come and finish resentment. For a single person, this dream is telling that s/he will contribute to a marriage of a relative.

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  1. What does it mean to see in my dream, two men which both have strong feelings for me and I have romantic feelings for them both, getting off a white royal looking carriage and they have big bouquet of flowers in their hands and coming toward me in a very happy way

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