Dream Meaning of Cabbage

Dream Meaning of Cabbage

To see a cabbage in your dream may represent that people who will join your life will give happiness to you and they will bring joy to your life.

To see of eating a cabbage in your dream suggests that you will get a good grade in an exam you will have.

To see that you boil the cabbage in the water in your dream may imply that you will be the center of interest in your friendship environment nowadays and everybody will take care of you.

To dream that the taste of cabbage is bad implies that you will use the money for good jobs and good places.

To see that you make stuffed vine leaves with cabbage in your dream indicates that people who are against to you will create problems to you in your jobs but you will be able to handle with these difficulties.

To see of buying cabbage in your dream refers to a lot of money which you will earn by means of trade.
To see of selling cabbage in your dream may represent that your family environment will be very happy and you will have a family that everyone comes together.

To see that you wash the cabbage in your dream signifies marriage news which you will hear in a short term.

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