Dream Meaning of Breast

Dream Meaning of Breast

To see breast in your dream may indicate that relationship within family will be fine, you will join an extended family, there will be relief and tranquility.

Alternatively, this dream symbolizes luxurious and magnificent life. It also refers to a young woman who has good temper and gives somebody peace with his/her being.

To dream that you have big breasts may represent that you will gain dominion over someone, rule the roost.

If a man dreams that he has woman breasts, this dream means that this person will eliminate his powerful rival with his mind easily.

To dream that you don’t have breasts or your breasts become smaller may represent that recently you behave saucy and intolerant against people. These people aren’t pleased with your behaviors.

To dream that the breasts are cut indicates that the life conditions of your family and close relatives will enhance to a large extent. By this means, your prestige in your environment will increase.

To dream that milk comes from breasts may signify halal and abundant profit. If water or any other kind of liquids apart from milk comes from breasts, this dream refers to gain which you will get with cheat.

To see a lot of breasts in your dream may denote that you will start an extended family, or unlimited, abundant and halal daily bread.

To dream that you are sucking, touching breasts may indicate that you will use a property or commodity which belongs to another person as you want and you will get a buzz out of this.


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  1. It means Snakes are your enemies and you are not aware of that. And you are nurturing and caring for them without even knowing they would one day betray you or do something bad to u.

  2. Dreamed that my female cousin was sucking my breast er appeared to enjoy it, I played with her nipple after she finished sucking my breast. Her husband was laying next to her asleep. What does this mean we are in our much older women

  3. This means you will give a benefit to a distant family member, and this is an assistance which is not disclosed. A favor you give from your hearth to make a good deed.

  4. This means you are making good deeds but you are waiting instant results in return. But as human we need to just create reasons and forget the results. And dont forget the life is fair eventually…

  5. What does it mean when you see yourself sucking an elderly woman breasts in the dream but spill out the milk in the bathroom

  6. What does it mean if you’re sucking a girl that was once your classmates breast and her friend was also bare chested

  7. I dreamt I was topless in a van and behind a curtain. An unrequited live was driving and reached back and touched my bare back.. I was going to take his hand and put it on my right breast but a slug was on it. In disgust I knocked the slug off and looking down at my body torso there were slugs that were different sizes on me and one large one had merged with me near the breast and right side of my body such that peeling it off left parts of it stuck to me. Others I could knock off. M

    1. This maybe an indication that a foreign body is attacking your breast has anything come up have you had your breasts checked over ?

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