Dream Meaning of Asking for Direction

Dream Meaning of Asking for Direction

This dream means that you are confused, you have difficulty in making important decisions, so you need help of someone from your family or someone who has life experience. If you do things that you learn from them, everything is getting easier.

Dream Meaning of Learning an Address

This dream is an indicator of an experienced, logical and intelligent person who helps, teaches and leads you.

Dream Meaning of Giving Address

If you give an address to someone in your dream, it shows that your family and friends complaints about you. The reason behind this situation is your workaholism or your asocial personality.

Dream Meaning of Describing an Address

It shows that you are a helpful person for your family, relatives and friends. You have done something beneficial for them recently and you continue to do it, too.

Dream Meaning of Asking Somebody The Way

It means that new solutions and expediences occur thanks to someone when you are hopeless and helpless. Thus, you regain your hope in life and you are able to breathe easily again.

Dream Meaning of Getting Lost

It is an indicator of a bad, unlucky, unfruitful and unfortunate term. Your life become complicated and destroyed. This situation causes decrease in your gain.

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