Dream Meaning of Ashura (Noah's Pudding)

Dream Meaning of Ashura (Noah’s Pudding)

To see noah’s pudding in a dream refers to good works and nice behaviours in terms of religion.

To see of cooking noah’s pudding in your dream may signify that you will make financial or foodstuff aid to a poor person or you will promote people to do this aid.

To dream that you eat noah’s pudding signifies that you have a vow and you haven’t made this vow yet. If you see that another person eats noah’s pudding in your dream, it means that you make a request and take a vow and your request will occur as soon as possible.

To see that you distribute noah’s pudding in your dream may represent that you will visit your family elders whom you haven’t seen for a long time. Alternatively, it means that you will visit a grave of one of your relatives.

To distribute ┬ánoah’s pudding on the day of Muharram implies that you will regret because of your statement or behaviour and because of this regret, you will swear off.

If noah’s pudding is hot in your dream, it refers to guest coming to your house and this guest will bring good and happy news to you.

If noah’s pudding is cold or you eat cold noah’s pudding in your dream, it symbolizes that you will hear news related to school or job of one of your close friends and this news will be a particular concern to you.

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