Dream Meaning of Arc

Dream Meaning of Arc

To see an arc in a dream refers to prayer, jobs which will be done for the sake of God, profit which will be got from halal ways.

To see that you wear the arc and jump in your dream indicates that you will give up material desires and perform prayer.

To see of drawing an arc in your dream refers to abundant profit which will be had with many efforts.

To see an arc on any kind of tool or machine in your dream means that you will get beautiful staff.

To dream that you collect arc or you see a lot of arches represents that you will increase religious information, join an environment where religious people exist.

To see that the arc is broken in your dream signifies an enemy who seems as a friend, leaves the field clear for you by making his/her bad intention clear. Alternatively, it also refers to a big attempt which you will make after the destruction of obstacles.

To dream that you repair an arc implies a bad habit which will be given up because of the fear of God.

To see an arc which is used for an arrow in your dream may imply that you will finish a job you have started, put an end to troubles and take important decisions.

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