Dream Meaning of Advocate

Dream Meaning of Advocate

It is said that seeing an advocate in your dream means that you can not take things objectively and always approach your side of events so you have a hard time understanding the people around you. Because of this bad habit, your relationships will not last very long. Because he only believes that what he knows and thinks is right, he does not try to understand the people who are against him for this reason, and therefore he can not establish long-term bonds with anyone and cannot do heartfelt affection. Seeing an advocate in your dream is sometimes referred to the happiness that comes with change and innovation in you. You may intend to build a new business and may achieve great benefit from this work.

Wearing  An Advocate's Robe In Your Dream

If You had a dream that you wear a advocate's robe, that means you will prove these people wrong who have bad intentions about you. You will Show them you are not stupid and you know what they are setting up behind your back.

Having A Dream Of Becoming An Advocate

This dream means that you will reconcile some people with disagreements and you will act as a döve of peace. You may need to show a good amount of efforts to talk these people to make peace with each other, it may take a little longer than you expect but you will accomplish this goal.

Search for an Advocate in Your Dream

It indicates that the dream owner is rightly seeking to earn a profit and has a fair approach towards everyone. The one who has this dream never covets to what others have and always seeks  for what is called ‘halal’

Seeing A Trial In Your Dream

It is considered a good dream to see a court or a trial in your dream. It indicates that the dream owner will experience surprise developments, receive positive feedback from his work, face happiness and charity. It means that the dream owner will have a comfortable life after that.

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