Dream Meaning of Candle

Dream Meaning of Candle

To see candle in your dream may represent that you will live without forgetting your past, you know somebody’s value or be loyal towards people whom you take support until reaching your current status.

To see that you light a candle in your dream indicates that you will come together with your old friends and your friendship will strengthen.

To see a candle light in your dream suggests that you will get rid of desperation, have the hope for liberation, reach the end and become independent.

To snuff or blow out the candle in your dream may represent that you will be well-controlled, pull the strings or take place in executive status.

To see of buying candle in your dream refers to guest who comes with his/her abundance or a baby who will be born.

To see of selling candle in your dream means that you will tell lie, dish on someone. Your character won't improve.

To hold a candle in your dream signifies that you will take the lead, take the initiative. Your leadership quality will be high.

To see that a candle melts or you melt a candle in your dream may indicate that you will work over your capacity, make yourself miserable, be tired too much.

To see a colourful candle in your dream means that you will have a cheerful travel or apply your holiday plan.

To make a candle in your dream denotes an extra work which will bring money, a lot of money which will come to home without expectation.

To blow out candle on the cake in your dream may represent that your wishes will be accepted, you will reach your target and your exam result will be good.

To see that you dribble a candle in your dream indicates that you will be warned, your mistake will be told to you, be in a bad shameful condition.

To see candle and candle holder in your dream implies that you will buy a house or change your rental house or it refers to modifications which is done for home.

To give a candle as a present in your dream represents that you will fall in love or find a partner.

To take a candle as a gift in your dream may imply that you will hear an ill-intentioned rumor which is about a person or make a soul-searching by being the meat in the sandwich.

To see a candle flower in your dream signifies that your income will increase, the production will be abundant and you will be busy with productive job.

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