Dream Meaning of Psalm

To see psalm in a dream means that the fear and love of God will be in your heart.  

To see of reading psalm in your dream may represent that you are trying to complete the spiritual deficiencies with wrong people. If you see a person who reads psalm in your dream, it refers to a talk with a friend who reminds your faults without hurting you.

To see that you burn, tear or throw psalm in your dream indicates that you will make important decisions regarding yourself for a person whom you like. If you see a person who burns, tears or throws psalm in your dream, it denotes that your relative will keep a distance from you because of a person whom s/he has just met.

To see psalm which remains from the past or manuscript psalm in your dream symbolizes that you will take support from an elder in order to overcome your spiritual or financial problem and get rid of your troubles as soon as possible.

To see of taking psalm as a gift in your dream means that you will join a community with a person whose belief is very strong. If you give psalm as a gift in your dream, it denotes that you will invite your friend to the right way.

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