Dream Meaning of Wet Hair

To see wet hair in your dream suggests that you will be criticized by your colleagues and will be warned due to a slipshod behaviour or work. This warning will be make you feel sad and uncomfortable for a while, but you won’t change your attitude. You may lose your job. So, to dream of wet hair may be a warning of tidying yourself up. You have to be awake to your responsibilities.

Alternatively, dreaming with wet hair may represent that you are bringing up a spoiled child, or you aren’t able to set up rules about your family’s claims. To dream wet hair is a sign of having difficulties due to your insensitivity.

To get wet haircut in dream

To dream that you are getting wet hair cut implies a long lasting illness. If you have a health problem, then the dream interpretation indicates that you are always complaining, you don’t want to change your life-style and give up your habits and so your illness will last long. Also, although you feel lonely, you always produce excuses when you meet new people and you miss the opportunities of a good relationship.

Alternatively, dreaming about wet hair may symbolize that you will fall in love someone who will impress your life.

To dream of walking with wet hair

The dream meaning of walking with wet hair indicates that you are fond of luxury and this will make you get poorer in a long run. The dream may be a warning to make savings while you are earning a lot. Also you may get opinion from trustable people to invest wisely.  

Besides, to see that you are walking with wet hair in your dream may suggest that there is self-seeking people in your social environment and you haven’t realized these friends yet.

Psychological interpretation of dreaming of wet hair

Wet hair in dream usually symbolizes people who don’t like their appearance, and try to change their appearance to be accepted. These people think superficially and care about look instead of interiority.