Dream Meaning of Toy

To see toy in a dream refers to youth, a young person, being renewed and innovations.

The colours of toys in a dream symbolizes updates about your health. If the colours of toys are lively, it is telling you that your health is good. If the toys are colourless in your dream, it forewarns you that you will have health problems.

To see a new and steady toy in your dream indicates that you will notice a deficiency on your appearance and fix it. If you see an old and broken toy in your dream, it means that you have a deficiency which you don’t realize.

To see a toy car in your dream signifies that you will change your appearance by spending money for your dresses and everyone will admire you. If the toy car is made from plastic, only your family will realize this change. If it is made from metal or wood, your whole environment will notice this change.

To see a baby doll in your dream refers to a new friend who expands your horizon.

To see a rag doll in your dream signifies a good tempered friend. A plastic doll in your dream denotes that ill tempered friend.

To see of buying a toy in your dream suggests that you should change your eating habits.

To take a toy as a gift from a person in your dream forewarns you that you will have health problems.

To see of selling or producing toys in your dream indicates that you will beautify your environment and take benediction.

To dream that you give a toy as a gift to a person symbolizes a young person or an unexperienced person in job. If the person you give gift is pleased with this, this person will mention about you good. If this person isn’t pleased with your gift, s/he speaks about bad things for you.

To see that you are in a toy shop in your dream may represent that you will fall in love with a younger person than you. If you pass by or watch out a toy shop in your dream, it indicates that an old love story will emerge again.