Dream Meaning of Wooden House

To see a wooden house (frame house, wooden frame house) in a dream signifies misunderstandings, blames or accusation or vice versa celebrations, feeling proud.

To see that you stay in a wooden house in your dream forewarns you that you will have problems about your relationship and the other person will misunderstand you.

To see another person’s wooden house in your dream suggests that you shouldn’t blame the people whom you have just met, you shouldn’t approach to them with prejudice.

To see that you make a wooden house done in your dream indicates that you have questions in your mind and you will find answers to these questions with the help of your partner.

To see of cleaning a frame house in your dream signifies that you will join into a crowded group. In the beginning, you feel alone yourself but later you will adapt to the environment as you meet with new people.

To dream that you buy a frame house implies that you will deal with a mission which was given to you. However, you will be stuck in a difficult situation because of some deficiencies.

To see of selling a frame house in your dream implies that your family will be proud of you with your achievements in your school or business life.

To see an old frame house in your dream signifies that you will have a conversation with a young girl and this conversation will change your opinions from some aspects.

To see a new, chic frame house in your dream may represent that your partner will have a journey because of bussiness reason and at the end of this journey you will take a lot of money or your partner will get a promotion in his/her job.