Dream Meaning of Walnut

To see walnut in a dream refers to organization and order, the life order. If you see a lot of walnuts in your dream, it means that changes and regulations which you made in your life will be radical.

The size of walnuts in your dream symbolizes the amount of money that you will spend related to changes you will make.

To see of eating walnut in your dream signifies that you will forget the whole problems of the past in two shakes of a lamb’s tail and you will live with new people in a new environment tranquilly.

To see walnut on bough in your dream indicates that you will demand material aid and spiritual support from your relative because of regulations and changes which you will make.

To dream that you buy walnut from bazaar, supermarket or shopping center indicates that you will renew your commodities in your house.

To see walnut as grinded in your dream implies that you will pay your debt as soon as possible.
If you see walnut in a desert, mean or any kind of foods in your dream, it means that you need a psychological support by any means.

The walnut shell refers to success. You will complete a job that you have started successfully and people will appreciate you.

To dream that you burn walnut shells indicates that you will finish the debt of a commodity and run up a new debt for a commodity or property that you will pay without any trouble.

To see walnuts on its tree in your dream may represent that you will give financial support to one of your neighbours and in return for this, you will take benediction from him/her.

The numbers of leaves seen with walnut in your dream implies the number of people who will be with you in your life. The size of tree denotes that you will make a great impact in your job.