Dream Meaning of Tray

To see a tray in a dream refers to new offers and opportunities. If you see a big tray in your dream, it tells that opportunities which will be offered or gain which you get recently will be in your life for a long term. A small tray in a dream is telling a short term gain.

To see meals and beverages on the tray in your dream tells the beauties of the opportunities which will confront you. If you see deserts and meals you like on the tray, it denotes that you will face with offer and opportunities which make you pleased. If the meals and drinks are bitter or undelicious on the tray, you will take offers which you won’t satisfy but get profit. 

To see crystal and glass tray in your dream means that you will be reputable, meet with a reputable person or take benefit from a reputable person. If you see a tray made from copper, golden or different metals in your dream, it tells that you will have magnificent achievements and by this way, uncountable opportunities will confront you.  

 To see a wood tray in your dream indicates that you should create your own opportunities by yourself. A plastic tray in a dream suggests that you will comprehend the importance of an incident or a person who will be an opportunity for you.

To see a broken tray in your dream forewarns you that you have a friend who hides news or information which should be reached to you because s/he is jealous. 

To see that you buy a tray or take a tray from a person in your dream indicates that you learn a valuable information from a person whom you don’t know and apply in your life.

To see of giving a tray to a person in your dream implies that if you give tray in return for money, you will earn money from your ability. If you give this tray without taking money, a person whom you give advice will earn important money thanks to you.