Dream Meaning of Post Box

To see a post box in your dream refers to good updates. If you see an empty post box in your dream, it denotes an achievement which you will have without effort, persuasion of a difficult person easily. If you see a full post box in your dream, it signifies successes which will be had with efforts.

To dream that the post box is locked and you couldn't open it may represent that you won't find a thing which you hided and lose an important document.

To see a broken post box or a post box whose lock isn't working in your dream may symbolizes that there will be people who undertake your success. Because of this, you will give up your modest personality. You should learn to be proud of your own achievements and share with people you love.

To see of breaking post box with force in your dream you will accuse your relative wrongly as a result of misunderstanding and you will regret when the truths emerge.

To put, hang or install a post box in your dream indicates that you will participate in different activities in order to draw a person whom you like attention. If you put or install another person's post box in your dream, it denotes that you will put a person as a mediator in order to reach a person whom you like.