Dream Meaning of Microphone

To see microphone in your dream may represent that you will change your place, transfer, participate in new environment or your living environment will be changed with your own decision.

To see of singing a song by microphone in your dream indicates that you will spead positive energy to the environment by cheering up, have joy of life and your targets will implement.

To speak with a microphone in your dream refers to a dreamer person who chases rainbows or high success targets.

To dream that you are holding a microphone suggests that you will destroy contact with someone, won't hear news or someone will disappear.

To see of buying a microphone in your dream symbolizes that you will be obsessed, create a delusion about an issue being feared or regret about an issue which you feel after a job done unconsciously.

To see of selling a microphone in your dream signifies that you will make your friends happy, buy a gift for a special day or host for a farewell dinner for a person who separates from a community.

To see a toy microphone in your dream denotes a helpful person who supports others after s/he does her/his job completely or support taken from an elder whose environment is large.

To see that a microphone isn't working anymore in your dream represents that assignment won't fulfill, you won't overcome the obstacle emeging suddenly.

To drop a microphone in your dream means that you will miss the opportunity, won't utilize from your chance.

To see that you hand the microphone to someone in your dream signifies that you will get into a partnership, integrate power to earn your keep.