Dream Meaning of Leader

To see a leader in your dream represents that you will rise to fame due to your efforts. You will earn lots of money, get rich and you will use opportunities. Also, to dream of a leader suggests that you will achieve your goals for a short while. Alternatively, dreaming with a leader may imply a person that you respect and follow. Sometimes, the dream symbolizes your desire to lead, to take control and to make decisions.

Dream meaning of being leader

To dream that you are a leader may indicate your dominant character. It implies that you want to be followed by other people and you want to guide others. If you are an inactive person in your life, being leader in your dream denotes that you should take control and shouldn’t allow others to lead you anymore.

Alternatively, if you are single, to see being a leader in your dream suggests that you will get married. If you are married, then the dream is interpreted as starting a new business.

To see a well-known leader in dream

The dream meaning of a well-known leader implies a good symbol. Your dream may suggests that a widely respected and lovable person will support you and your decisions. By means of this person’s support, you will be promoted and have better conditions in your life.  

Dreaming with a leader of a political party

To see a leader of a political party is a sign of your instability. You aren’t able to make decisions without consulting other people. Due to your indecision, you won’t be able to be promoted and won’t be able to work at higher ranks.

Dreaming about manager

Dream interpretation of manager symbolizes a good news in your business life. It may implies that you will be promoted and will make effort to obtain better conditions.

To meet a manager in dream

To see that you are meeting a manager in your dream symbolizes being approved. You will receive a compliment in your business from your boss or manager and as a result you will be more diligent.